The foundation of EMWS is leading organization change.  Organizational change management is the process of leading people through a planned change process.  We tailor solutions to meet customer needs.  In creating a solution some of the areas we draw from are as follows:
  • Problem Solving- Before a solution can be developed, underlying assumptions leading to the problem and identifying the problems must be examined.  Our approach to problem solving is based on examining core questions, diverse stakeholder input and clarifying the mission at hand.  Based on this foundation the right problems can be identified, leading to the right solutions. 
  • Strategic Planning- Sharpening an existing business strategy, integrating social and environmental considerations into your strategy, gap identification or creating an entirely new strategy.
  • Process Innovation- Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of management or business processes.  This may include human performance, energy efficiency, water efficiency, reducing materiality, and making services or products more sustainable.
  • Employee Engagement- Make employees active participants in change.  Communicate and train employees how to make your business a success.  Create performance measures and goals that drive desired actions.
  • Organizational Alignment- Aligning the people within your organization to a new or exiting strategy.  This includes identifying barriers and ways to overcome them for each department or business area.  
  • Organizational Transformation- Plan and implement change throughout the organization using all the relevant levers for organizational change management (leadership engagement, change network, stakeholder engagement, organizational alignment, training, multiple communication methods, metrics to drive change, program/project harmonization and others)