EMWS Problem Solving Model

We developed the "East Meets West Solutions Model" based on an analysis of leading companies.  The purpose of the model is to avoid insular thinking and blindspots, while increasing the successful innovation of business operations, services and products.  The model has five focus areas:

1. Mission: Is your mission clear, measurable and manageable?

2. StakeholdersAre you engaging diverse stakeholders in a quality way that brings new knowledge and capabilities into your organization?

3. Core Questions: Are you asking fundamental/ core questions about your business based on a clear mission and stakeholder input— in a way that enhances or adds value to your current business model, mission/vision and goals?

4. Right ProblemsAre you targeting the right problems that position your business to lead in its industry, make a difference in society, and be highly profitable?

5. Solutions: Is the solution based on direction of the core questions and right problems, or is it based mostly on your current mission? 


Double click on icon below to access the EMWS paper describing the model in more detail.  This paper was the basis for Chad's talk at the Climate Leadership Conference on March 1, 2013.