About Us 
EMWS works as an investor and consultant to support the success of profit and non-profit organizations. In order for any organization to be successful it must provide a product or service that has value and be relevant to the changing needs of society.   What is relevant and needed changes over time. Organizations that are the most successful change proactively and understand the interrelationship of their business with:

  • People- Customers, people your business relies on, and other stakeholders
  • Planet- The environment and resources your organization requires  
  • Profit- Financial bottom line and trends in local and global markets

A network of stakeholders and partners is needed to be successful in the long term, and adapt to changing customer and market needs.  EMWS partners with customers to support their success.

Our Mission

The mission of East Meets West Solutions, LLC (EMWS) is to increase the business success of our customers and partners in a way that has positive benefits to people, the planet, and is profitable. 

Our Services

The foundation of EMWS is fostering leadership and proactive organizational change. We tailor solutions to meet customer needs. One of the ways we approach solving problems is the EMWS Problem Solving Model. 

Our Bios

About Chad O. Holliday, Jr.

Chad O. Holliday, Jr. is the Founder and Managing Partner of EMWS. His background focuses on business leadership, innovating process for efficiency, sustainability strategy and coalition building.

He is the former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of DuPont, 1998-2008. He joined DuPont in 1970 after receiving a B.S. in industrial engineering from the University of Tennessee and held various manufacturing and business assignments, including a six-year Tokyo- based posting as President of DuPont Asia/Pacific.

He is currently on the boards of Royal Dutch Shell (Chairperson), Deere & Co., HCA Healthcare, and Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils.  Chad is a professional engineer and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  He is a founding member of the International Business Council. 

He previously served as Chairman of the Bank of America Corporation, The Business Council, Catalyst, the National Academy of Engineering, the Society of Chemical Industry—American Section, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. He served as a board member for CH2MHILL.   

About Scot Holliday, Ed.D.

Scot Holiday, Ed.D. is a Partner at EMWS. He has 15 years of experience as a sustainability and organizational change leader. 

Previously he served as a Senior Organizational Change consultant, both at IBM and Accenture. Scot has led large-scale change efforts on $30M to $100M projects in the public and private sectors.

He earned a doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Studies from George Washington University (GWU).  He served as an adjunct professor at GWU and University of Maryland. He is a writing contributor to GreenBiz, Thomson Reuters, and National Association for Environmental Management.